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Whose afraid of green, green, green….?


For many years Tom felt he had shied away from green. That may sound strange coming from a landscape painter but if you take a really careful look at previous work on his website you will find that out of dozens of images there are only three or four in which greens have anything but a supporting role. Now that number becomes four or five because it was ringing the changes through shades of green that preoccupied him as he completed this small canvas entitled Farmland across the valley ( ) . Perhaps what attracted Tom here was that as the year turned towards autumn there were so many subtle variations of greens interspersed with patches of burnt orange and violet to be found here in the Vale of Lanherne. The warmth that  persisted through September that particular year also gave him reason to use quite inky blues in areas of welcome shade that threw everything into relief.

Such features as these are what Tom considered to be matters of abstraction in its true sense; nothing to do with non-recognition of the imagery in a picture, everything to do with exploring those factors internal to a painting that create its appeal.

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