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Viva Lafrowda benefit auction

At the time of writing (in September 2010) I’ve just finished this year’s Lafrowda painting. Inspired by the St Just festival which culminated on the final Saturday with the Viva Lafrowda processions, the picture is again for me a celebration of this brilliant local community.

The Latin theme this year led to the appearance of several giant sombrero’s in the parades. A huge Mexican skull puppet towered over the foreground revellers with their patchwork of coloured hats, flags, banners and costumes, a figure that rivalled the houses themselves in scale. In the spirit of the well know Mexican Day of the Dead this was a figure of jollity. As puts it:  “……….for Mexicans who believe in the life/death/rebirth continuum, it’s all very natural. This is not to say that they treat death lightly. They don’t. It’s just that they recognize it, mock it, even defy it. Death is part of life and, as such, it’s representative of the Mexican spirit and tradition which says: “Don’t take anything lying down – even death!”.

Maybe we can use something of that defiant and carefree approach to lighten-up our lives! Anyway, as in previous years this Lafrowda painting is for sale to benefit future festivals in my home town. There’s a buy now option or, if the piece is still available on Lafrowda Day 2011, it will be auctioned off to the person who has made the highest online offer or sealed bid at my studio. You can place a bid through the contact page. Also available through both the buy now and auction pages are unmounted prints of the picture with vouchers to the same value. The way this works is explained at  .

5 thoughts on “Viva Lafrowda benefit auction

  1. Wow Tom, your painting features my Lafrowda creation of the Mexican Mariachi player based on the Mexican Day of the Dead. It really encapsulates what I thought was a magnifico Lafrowda and I hope it attracts lots of fundraising bids before next July. I can’t quite afford the buy it now price, but I’ll be watching the auction site with interest.


    1. Hi Jacques
      Very pleased to hear that my painting does your Lafrowda figure justice for you! Yes it was a superb day wasn’t it. If you’re passing my studio do call in and see the original. It will be going on display when I’ve made a frame.
      Tom : – )

  2. that picture sums up the day! Bright, colourful, and fun.

  3. Thanks Sara
    Do call in and see the original if you’re passing. I’m hoping to finish the frame for it soon.

  4. Wow, your works definitly should be in my art blog soon.
    Thanks for inspiration!

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