Unmounted print with free voucher scheme

This scheme involves high resolution prints up to A4 in photo paper size that are sent with free vouchers to the same value (£10 each). Up to 3 vouchers can then be used in part payment for any original work (painting or drawing) that is available for sale on this website. Here’s the rationale for this scheme:

A dilemma

You, or someone you want to buy a present for, loves Cornwall and loves art but the images of paintings on this site don’t give you quite enough information to confidently purchase an original. If it’s to be a gift you may also be unsure which piece the recipient would choose. A gift token by itself however seems so impersonal. What do you do?

A solution

This unmounted print with voucher scheme may just be your solution. Here’s how it works: Each unmounted (but signed) archival quality print of a painting or drawing that is still available in the original comes with a voucher to the same value which can be used in part payment for that or any other original piece of mine through this website. This gives you the opportunity to take a better look at the image of that painting or drawing before deciding whether to buy and the voucher can be used towards the purchase of that or any other original to be found on this website. You can use up to three such vouchers in this way towards a purchase. This means you could be either effectively acquiring, in some cases, up to £30 worth of prints free or, if you prefer to see it that way, saving in some cases up to £30 from the cost of an original piece of art.

Unmounted prints with vouchers are only available through this website and only in the case of paintings or drawings that are still available for sale as originals. Once the painting has been sold then the image remains available in its own right as an archival quality print but without the free voucher.

Click here to see all the images for which unmounted prints with free vouchers are currently available to help you visualise the originals. There is a link to the product page for the original painting in each case unless it is for sale at an external venue (group exhibition etc).