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The Ordinalia & the Plen an Gwarry painting

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This painting was based on the second in the cycle of Cornish Miracle plays from the fifteenth century known as The Ordinalia. It was performed in the Plen-an-Gwary, ( playing place ) in the centre of St. Just-in-Penwith in August / September 2001 by The Ordinalia Company, made up of the people of St. Just and the surrounding area (and a core production team of professional theatre practitioners). The third play in the cycle, The Resurrection, was later presented in August 2002 and THE FULL CYCLE in August 2004.   

In the spring of 2007 the Ordinalia’s much loved director Dominic Knutton tragically died and there was an appeal for funds  to purchase the hut adjoining the Plen, which was used as a vital backstage area for the productions. The sale of Tom’s painting, along with funds raised by the community helped to bring this about.  The splendidly rebuilt and refurbished hut was renamed The Knut in memory of Dominic. It remains a much valued and well-used community and cultural centre for the people of St Just.    

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  1. I really like this blog good job.

  2. The land has now been acquired by the community and there’s a Plen project facebook page you can visit to keep up with further fundraising to pay for a rebuild of the hut. This will create a great resource and archive space for this ancient open air theatre that will mean it can be used much more regularly and effectively. The project facebook page is .

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