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Benefits of doing life laundry

One aspect of the studio move that Tom and Gabrielle were intending to make was that a good deal of sorting out and clearance was needed beforehand. That involves opening up hidden piles of old work then photographing and packing some of it that would be rehomed when the move was accomplished. For Tom this led to the unusual step of creating a whole new picture index page on his website. This Early Work page ( ) already featured eleven pieces and several more would be joining them over the coming months.

of_human_kindness_3D_reconstruction_for_blog-smallOne particular rediscovery that Tom was excited about was an ambitious piece from 1972 that he now called Of Human Kindness ( ). Its digital reconstruction inspired Tom  to want to re-stretch and re-assemble the eighteen triangular canvases that make it up as a free standing mural (the original canvas stretcher bars no longer existed) but that was a project for some future date when a suitable site could be found. Meanwhile a print of images of this piece is available through the above link.