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Shapes at the edge of town


Tom had recently emerged from painting one of the most complex of his Lafrowda Festival paintings to date (Lafrowda 2014 ) and wanted to create something much less demanding and smaller so Edge of town, St Columb ( ) was a delightfully simple composition to create by comparison with the other piece. The two paintings do have some points in common though. Ultimately a love of community is a theme in both of them, albeit approached in very different ways, and rooftop shapes were one of the means that he used to address this theme in both. However in the larger picture these shapes are shown together with the kaleidoscope of human forms and artistic creations that make up the procession whereas in the Edge of Town picture they interlock with the shapes of the surrounding Vale of Lanherne countryside and human presence is suggested but not stated. In that respect it follows in that genre of what he called lived-in landscapes. The previous collection of Lived-in Landscapes can be seen at .

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