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Reprieve at the old courthouse

Entrance to Reprieve Exhibition

The venue for my September 2018 exhibition was an old courthouse in the centre of Bodmin, mid Cornwall. I’ve shown there several times before. This time, however, it struck me as entirely appropriate that this space was once the public gallery, in a different meaning of the word, of what was once a courthouse.

Whilst I’m not familiar with the official records it must be the case that death sentences were once passed there. Perhaps some hapless plaintiff was once granted a stay of execution and – not to further mince my words – this I feel is what has happened to me over the last two years with the ongoing success of treatments for my prostate and secondary bone cancer. It is the wonder of that experience that I wanted to convey through this exhibition as well as positive aspects of the reminder of mortality that goes along with it.

See all the paintings and installation shots here.

I have been able to make a handsome donation to the charity Reprieve from sales in connection with this exhibition.

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