A3 Print of artist’s impression of the exterior of the reconstructed 1972 mural project – The Dome of Human Kindness


Proceeds will help fund the reconstruction of the dome to be donated to Cornwall Faith Forum.

In the original (reconstruction pending) 18 triangular canvases will form a dome with dimensions: Approx 270 x 270 x 250 cms (Acrylic on heavy-duty linen canvases mounted on marine plywood panels).

Watch a video interview about plans to rebuild the dome.

Download a PDF of the Proposal to reconstruct and donate Of Human Kindness mural to Dor Kemmyn

Originally painted on the inside of the structure in 1972 near Florence, my plan now is to reconstruct the sequence as shown with the images on the outside.

This is available as an A3 print of the image of the 3D reconstruction as shown together with an image of the whole sequence for £20.

The price includes postage and packing in the UK. (print area approx. 31 x 31 cms) signed, card backed & cellophane wrapped.

>>Short blog post about researching towards reconstruction of the original dome.

>>See a 2 dimensional projection of the exterior of the dome.

>>See a design for a 2dimensional projection of the interior of the dome created in 2018.

>>See the kit of the exterior now available at only £4.95 plus postage to make a model of the dome.

>>See the drawings for the dome.

>>Click here to read a blog post about the story of the dome.