Light through the pines


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Original painting for sale £280
Acrylic on stretched canvas approx 40 x 30 cm.unframed and ready to hang. Original painting was shown at the St Ives Society of Artists Winter Open Exhibition Click the ‘view-in-room’ thumbnail on the right below the featured image at left to see the scale of the original painting.  This painting was shown in Tom’s Bodmin Shire Hall show in September 2018.

*Order an unmounted A4 print of this painting for £10 to help you visualise the original (with a free voucher to the same value).


About this painting, Tom wrote ‘This painting came from the sensation of being in the darkness of woodland whilst aware of what lies beyond. A tantalising glimpse of cool, bright colours hints at a spaciousness that promises to relieve the closed-in sensation under the foliage of these dense pines. Could it be that this image resonated for me with the indomitable optimism that I cling on to in these dark times?’