Full 2 dimensional projection of The Dome of Human Kindness mural

Proceeds to be donated towards constructing Dor Kemmyn, Cornwall’s multi-faith centre near Truro.

High resolution Giclee prints of this projection of the dome shown on the previous page are for sale through UK Giclee (see link below) to help fund the building of Cornwall’s intertfaith centre Dor Kemmyn (Common Ground).

Available in a range of sizes From £18 (approx 22 x 25 cms) to £72 (108 x 100 cms)

>>Click here to link to the place on the UK Giclee website where high resolution prints of this projection in a range of sizes can be ordered to benefit Dor Kemmyn.

*If you order this as a print please check that your product is attributed to the artist. If not please contact UKGiclee.

>>3D kit of the dome now available to order at only £4.95 each plus postage.

>>Click here to read a blog post about the story of the dome.

>>Click here to visit the Dor Kemmyn website for a full explanation of the multi-faith building project including the opportunity to get more involved.