Below are links to other websites that Tom found useful. If you would like to request a link exchange please contact Tom through the Contact page with details of your website.

  • Abstract Art by Nebojsa Jovanovic : Original Contemporary Paintings for sale.
  • Alan Furneaux : Alan Furneaux – Colourist Artist working from Penzance.
  • A LIFE IN ART : Website commemorating Herbert Whone (1929 – 2011), artist and musician, who was a friend and great inspiration Tom as a young man growing up in West Yorkshire.
  • Jon Tremaine : Contemporary Artist Jon Tremaine displays a unique approach to wildlife art.  Pen and Ink combined with an escapist imagination captures the beauty of Fauna and animal life in a highly creative way.
  • Kazimir Malevich : Website devoted to this early 20th century Russian artist much of whose work I admire.
  • Liz Cleves : Website of a friend of Tom’s who is based near Wadebridge, Mid Cornwall.
  • Parkwoodstudio : Watercolour and Oil Paintings by Devon Artist David Mather.
  • : Peri Taylor – Water colour and ink paintings. Peri has an ongoing exhibition of her seascapes at The National Sailing Academy, in Weymouth and Portland and her work is exhibited in The Brownstone Gallery, South Devon.
  • Tom Henderson Smith’s exhibition site: This is a site hosted by Isendyouthis that Tom ran specifically for current exhibition promotions.
  • Trevescan Studio : The studio of fellow Cornish artists June and Michael Hicks.
  • Gabrielle Hawkes Tom’s partner is a painter and has her own Facebook  page.