Information about online art sales

Postage and packing


Prices in pounds sterling include postage and packing within the UK.


To purchase an original painting or print if you are outside the UK please use the Contact page to request a price in any specified currency together with a postage & packing quote.

All deliveries of original paintings purchased through this website are through a courier with a tracking service so that the whereabouts of your painting can be checked by you during transit.

Item details

Where a frame for a painting is included in the price an image of it is displayed on the same page.

Rolled unmounted prints of paintings that are still available in the original can be purchased where specified. These come with free vouchers that can be used in part payment for any painting that is for sale on this website. Click here for further details of this scheme.

When the original of a painting is sold then professionally window mounted, signed and shrink-wrapped or cellophane wrapped prints of it become available as soon as possible.

Secure online payment

Access to secure Paypal online payment facilities occurs when you click on any payment buttons on this website.

Payment by cheque or postal order

In order to make a purchase by cheque or postal order you will first need to contact the artist about your intended purchase through the Contact page. Once you have confirmed in this way that the piece you wish to purchase is available then you will be able to secure it for delivery to you (free postage and packing within the UK) by writing your cheque (from a personal account only), or your postal order, for the stated amount (payable to Tom Henderson Smith) and sending it with your full address to:
Tom Henderson Smith, The Lanherne Studio, Berkana, Old Rectory Drive, St Columb, Cornwall TR9 6BY

Payments by cheque or postal order can only be accepted when:

  • a full address and post code for delivery of goods is supplied
  • when arrangements for delivery of goods have been agreed by both parties
  • when the cheque has been cleared by the issuing bank.

GIFT TOKENS for use on this website or to buy work at the Turn of the Tide Studio can also be purchased by cheque or postal order.

Policy on suspicious cheques.

Quantity discounts by Paypal invoice or by cheque or postal order payment

You can acquire two or more such items at a 10% discount. These must be of the same type i.e. two or more prints, two or more paintings, two or more drawings etc. In the case of prints this discount applies to either two or more of the same image or two or more different images. This is most easily done by requesting a Paypal invoice. Use the contact page to list the two or more items. I will then confirm whether the items are available. I will then quote your discounted price and generate a Paypal invoice for this amount to your email address. A similar email or phone communication can be used to arrange a quantity discount for cheque or postal order payment. On payment of the invoice (in the case of cheques see conditions above) the items will then be despatched to the address that you supply.

Wholesale and sale or return terms for Galleries

Wholesale purchase or sale-or-return terms can be negotiated with galleries. To arrange this please write to the artist via the Contact page or by phoning 01637 498106. Once an original painting or drawing has been accepted for sale through a gallery then the name of the gallery and a website link and /or phone number will be posted up next to the image of the piece on this website. Sales information will be removed from the appropriate image page here while the piece is exhibited elsewhere.

Pre-exhibition discounts

Each piece of new work that forms part of my most recent collection is given an exhibition price that will apply at the time of the show for which it is intended. As exhibitions are planned many months ahead advanced purchase of these works is also possible with discounts that are at their maximum when the exhibition dates are first decided and are reduced at regular intervals as the time for the show approaches. In these cases such discounted pre-exhibition sales (inclusive of postage and packing) are on the understanding that the piece in question will be delivered without extra charge at the close of the exhibition.

Delivery, Returns and Privacy Policies