Ten Years of Lafrowda Paintings Exhibition

Pan across the TEN YEARS OF LAFROWDA PAINTINGS exhibition July 2012

With picture links below to larger image pages for all Tom’s Lafrowda paintings (three added since the exhibition in 2012).

All that have been sold in the original are available as archival quality prints for sale to benefit future Lafrowda Festivals.

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Pass your mouse arrow slowly across the image above to run the sequence (shows the exhibition at Cape Cornwall School as part of Lafrowda Festival 2012)

Lafrowda lanterns painting by Tom Henderson Smith Open edition print of Lafrowda day 2003 painting Lafrowda procession 2004, St Just Image of all three panels of Lafrowda at the Plen 2005 painting
  Click on any of the picture links here to access a page showing a larger image. Most of these paintings were sold in benefit auctions to help support Lafrowda Festival, a brilliant annual community event in Cornwall’s most westerly town.

You can order prints of most of them by following the relevant links from their individual image pages. These print sales will also support future Lafrowda Festivals.

 Lafrowda festival 2006 painting
 Mad Aviators at Lafrowda 2016  Lafrowda dancers 2007 painting
We all live in a yellow submarine   Lafrowda 2008 painting that was sold in a benefit auction for Lafrowda festival.
Lafrowda day 2014 - painting by Tom Henderson Smith Peacock-summer, Lafrowda festival 2011 Viva Lafrowda - Cultures come together, can there be unity in diversity? Old Glory Creole Jazz Band - painting by Tom Henderson Smith


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