Lived-in Landscapes Exhibition – Trereife

Installation shots of the Lived-in Landscapes exhibition in the Gallery at Trereife, Penzance, June 2010.

Click each small picture link below the exhibition photos to access a larger image and full information.

Houses across the valley, Bosorne painting  Farms in sun and shade painting  In Mounts Bay - painting by Tom Henderson Smith  At the helm painting  Ancient Penwith fields at winter solstice painting  Snow-bound farm, Penwith painting  Late sunshine before rain, St. Just  Sky shapes above Penwith hills painting  Path through leaf-mould painting  Going home charcaol drawing  The crossing - charcoal drawing by Tom Henderson Smith  Valley road to the sea painting  Penwith winter solstice painting  Sultry day upcountry painting  Path in gorse bushes painting  Hollow lane between gorse hedges painting  Mining memorial painting  Sunlit tree and shady path to Tregeseal  Hillside trees and houses painting  Dusky circle of stones - painting by Tom Henderson Smith  Field worker charcoal drawing  Last year - this year, spring ploughing painting  Passing lugger painting  Old Glory Creole Jazz Band - painting by Tom Henderson Smith

>>For a Virtual tour of Lived-in Landscapes from Cornwall in April 2010 at the Chapel Row Gallery in Bath that included many of the same paintings and drawings click here.