Influence on Tom Henderson Smith’s work of Buddhist practice and belief

Cornwall has a maritime landscape and climate and in 2008 this artist set out to celebrate this fact through an exploration of what he called its Ocean Light. “In a sense, the universe is a great ocean of life. This ocean is itself in a constant state of flux; it is continually moving and changing, performing the rhythm of birth and death.”(2) This is how Tom’s Buddhist mentor Daisaku Ikeda* used the image of the ocean which gave Tom  a growing awareness of its influence and significance as he put that collection together.

Later, in 2009-’10 it was what Tom call the Lived-in Landscape of Cornwall that came to fascinate him. He was aware that it was Buddhist teachings on the inseparability of life and its environment that lay behind the appeal of this theme for him.

In 2011-’12 He put together and exhibited a collection that he called The Turning Year. Here it was a sense of the rhythm of life, of what Buddhism terms the Mystic Law or Myoho, as expressed for example in the constant change we experience through the seasons of the year, that emerged for him as an underlying theme.

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For more information on the Buddhism Tom practiced click here (SGI-UK website).

*For more about the influence of his Buddhist mentor on the re-launch of his career as an artist, read Tom’s description of this process and click here.