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Open studio 2018

Fascinating and helpful conversations during Open Studio Week 2018

Cornwall Open Studio Week this year proved especially helpful to Tom for some of the conversations he had with visitors about his future plans.  In some cases it was about the pieces he planned to show  in his September Bodmin Shire Hall exhibition ‘REPRIEVE’, about how particular canvases related to specific points in his ongoing experience of battling cancer. So, most of the image links below take you to a page about the collection for that planned exhibition.

However, the last two shots on this page, also picture links, relate to conversations about his  reconstruction of the Dome of Human Kindness, an ambitious mural project originally from his student years in Italy. In this case those two additional photos show the front and back of the first triangular canvas, re-stretched for this project,  painted in translucent layers on its marine plywood backing during Open Studio Week. These two photos are picture links that take you to pages explaining their context in the plan.  Seventeen more panels were developed in this way. For the story of how the original mural came into being in 1972 click HERE for an earlier blog post about it.

South and part of west wall

part of west and north walls

Part of north and east walls

East windows towards conservatory

Into the conservatory

Parts of north and east walls of conservatory

West and north walls of conservatory

A1 panel interior surface

A1 panel exterior surface

Among the conversations Tom had during the recent Open Studio Week on the topic of the dome reconstruction was one that came from a re-encounter with a gentleman who had been studio demonstrator on the first two years of Tom’s Fine Art degree course at Newcastle some fifty years ago and who had sought Tom out  at this Open Studio exhibition.  How satisfying it was for Tom to explain his current obsession about his Dome project to a man who had done so much to encourage him with the original canvas version all those years ago.

Conversations with friends about the thinking behind the development of this project in particular proved to be very clarifying for Tom.  Why not check out some of the posts on the Facebook pages: at: and .