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A project on the horizon in 2018

Every new year, for Tom started with resolutions often linked to initial plans for projects. in 2018  an artistic project on his horizon was a September 2018 exhibition at Bodmin Shire Hall. This was to be his fourth show to be held there and the first since his welcome remission  from the serious illness that dominated 2017 for him. Emerging from the shadow of cancer into a time of hope had already defined for Tom a central theme, that of reprieve, of being spared, albeit  for a finite time. A theme of the exhibition was to  revolve around wanting to communicate the joy of that experience in one way or another.

Here are some of Tom’s  thoughts about two of the paintings to be shown in his exhibition

Winter oak among houses and Houses among trees are both winter solstice light paintings inspired by aspects of his immediate neighbourhood here in St Columb Major in Cornwall.

 The first ( ), a vertical composition, uses the shapes of two adjoining houses and the  glorious image of a sunlit winter oak glimpsed beyond and between them to express something of the warmth of neighbourly feelings that he experienced.

 The second ( ), takes this idea further in terms of a wider neighbourhood. In this case trees in particular provide enveloping forms that contain the houses.

As so often in this artist’s work it is the interaction of varied colours that is his true medium of expression, hopefully telling you something of the refreshed sense of wonder that was  accompanying his remission, his ‘reprieve’.