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Shows over – the show goes on

2016_shire_hall_posterReflecting on this exhibition, Tom wrote “The other day the exhibition I’ve worked towards for at least 18 months came to an end. All except the few sold items had to be carefully packed and transported back to my studio. Once that would have been a bit of an anti-climax. Now, fortunately the show goes on – online. The concept of the collection that emerged so tentatively, as each canvas came into being and added its unique facet to the whole, is still there. You can see what I mean at ( ). ”

The concept of this particular show was something that embraced and was informed by Tom’s experience of having to move out of his home for a few months earlier that year. You can read about that at which was also published in a booklet about the exhibition.

Tom liked to document his exhibitions in this way, sometimes with a virtual tour. All can be accessed through the exhibitions page link above.

It was sometimes the case that a collection was added to after the event of the exhibition itself, for example his Ten Years of Lafrowda Paintings show that happened in 2012. That’s because four additional paintings were inspired by subsequent versions of the festival.