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Near and far, Mawgan Porth

Near and far

A spell of fine weather in April 2015 led Tom to create Near and far, Mawgan Porth ( ). It was of course the resonating patterns of sand and sky, near and far, that gave him his theme here. The mackerel sky phenomenon that tends to happen when the settled air of a high pressure system is not far away echoed the ripples in the sand, inviting comparison. On the other hand the warm – cool colour relationships of foreground and background emphasised distance. In this way identity and difference could both play their part.

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Cherry blossom, St Columb

Cherry blossom, St Columb

One of the features of springtime weather here in Cornwall is that now and then the so called Azores High edges a little closer. Then  we sometimes have those balmy spring days that we all love.

An example of this in March 2015 led to Tom’s painting Cherry Blossom, St Columb ( ). Here it was the juxtaposition of an exuberant flowering tree and the gable-end beyond it that drew his eye. Spring greenery provided a foil for the pink blossoms and a patch of blue sky for the splash of sunshine on the house.