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Dusky St Columb












In Dusk, Bridge Hill, St Columb ( ) the lively grey of a road surface seen between spring trees, whose massed buds created a warm bloom, climbs to the hazy rooftops beyond. This gave me that chance to make my colours sing that I always relish. Seen across the valley, this prospect of our little town enabled the shapes and colours of the houses as well to stack up the hillside companionably.

If you should decide to take the opportunity, as part of our Cornwall Open Studio scheme, to visit Gabrielle and myself on May 24th this year (2014) or between the 26th and June 1st from 10am – 1pm or 3pm – 6pm, then you will find yourself trundling down this very same hill. Look out for the new house that you see near the centre of my picture. That’s where you fork left onto Bridge Hill itself. Soon you come to a hanging white sign for Old Rectory Drive on your left. Park opposite that on the hill and follow the posters to The Lanherne Studio that you will find behind our bungalow.

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Spring energy












I’m discovering that, in the presence of trees, colour presents some unexpected ways to express the energy of springtime. In particular there is a warm bloom of coming buds, especially evident with oaks, that I’ve loved to see in recent months. In one nearby spot not far from our river, the Menalhyl, I came across a startling foreground of cool green marsh plants. This strong contrast to the warm tree tones seemed electric in the sunshine, generating a buzz that spoke of vernal growth. My recent painting Spring landscape, water meadow ( ) became a way of exploring and celebrating this seasonal energy.