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Beach reflections, Mawgan Porth






As the winter solstice approached toward the end of 2013 I found myself, as so often before, captivated by the quality of midwinter sunlight. When this does eventually appear it comes in at that characteristically low angle that throws forms into relief and can give such intensity and warmth to the mid-tones, a warmth of colour that so often belies the actual temperature and wind-chill!

I’ve discovered that at Mawgan Porth, where the shallow gradient of the beach creates wide areas of reflective shallow water at low tide, the intensity of this solstice light is magnified. It was the experience of this phenomenon recently that led me to paint Beach reflections, Mawgan Porth . It was a theme that demanded spaciousness, an opportunity to begin trying out the potential for larger scale work afforded by my new studio here in St Columb.

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Woodland walk 2, The source








Woodland walk 2, the source  was triggered by coming across a place where the woodland path I was walking near St Columb in Cornwall became a stream, a small tributary of the Menahyl that eventually drains the Vale of Lanherne into the sea at Mawgan Porth. This drawing was made at the new year 2014 which, more than most, was to me about new beginnings. Nature provided an image and a symbol in response!