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First charcoal drawing from The Lanherne Studio, December 2013

Woodland walk 1 ( ) was a first for Tom. It was the first charcoal drawing to be made in the Lanherne Studio. This came from exploring part of the woodland down the valley from his new home. It was the late sunshine glancing through the trees on a short winter day that set him off here. The starkness of tonal contrasts and the pleasure of mark-making in charcoal were his allies and he had a feeling that more charcoal tree drawings would follow.

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New Panorama, December 2013: Vale of Lanherne

Panorama of the Vale of Lanherne ( ) was the first sequence of its kind to come out of this Tom’s new situation here in St Columb. In preparing for this painting several visits were needed to the top of Castle-an-Dinas, the large stone-age hill fort which overlooks the town. The theme was based on a fairly distant prospect, far from the kind of wide view that can suggest the curvature of the earth. Nevertheless Tom decided to use a gently curving horizon, perhaps because of the more pleasing shapes it generated but maybe also because he felt that this might express something of his sense of this landscape as being like a world to be explored.