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Exhibitions: real and virtual

As I write (in April 2012) my Turning Year Exhibition has recently finished here in Cornwall and the London version of it is in the planning stage. The show just ended still goes on however – through the wizadry of a “VIRTUAL TOUR” that you can visit on-line for as long as my website exists out there and wherever in the world you’re able to access the internet. This, for me, is an important way to communicate the content of a whole displayed collection of work long after the end date and far beyond the hinterland of the particular gallery where it happened. Perhaps, living far from a major city,  in the last town before Lands End, has underlined for me the importance of doing this. Certainly it was a priority with the three most recent solo shows that I put together: In the Ocean Light, Lived-in Landscapes and The Turning Year.

There are some exhibitions however that have only ever existed out in the ether and of course that had to be the case with Festivity, the collection of previous Lafrowda Festival paintings and other related canvases that have mostly been sold through benefit auctions for the community groups who organised the events that inspired them. Having said that, the festival committee in my local community is encouraging me to try and borrow back as many of these paintings as I can for a real life terrestrial exhibition this year here in Cornwall – so watch this space!