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The Turning Year – upcoming exhibition

I’ve been working towards this show since the summer of 2010, becoming increasingly aware of seasonal change as a factor in my enjoyment of the visual world. I’m hoping that this increased awareness will be demonstrated by variety in the collection, using this aspect of landscape to influence format and colour.

I’ve invited Jacob Bodilly, the resident potter at Boscean Pottery in St Just to join me for this exhibition and he’s produced a series of stunning bottle-vases that I’m confident will provide a perfect three dimensional complement to my paintings and drawings. Jacob trained at Cardiff College of Art and The Leach Pottery, St Ives. He writes insightfully about this time of year on his blog: “Spring is the opportunity to review what is necessary after winter, a cleansing period from the death of winter, a time for newness and change.”

In my own recent work I aim to lift images gathered from the environment into a painterly dimension. It was in putting together my previous collection, Lived-in Landscapes, exhibited in 2010 at the Chapel Row Gallery in Bath and in the Gallery at Trereife, Penzance, that I began to find real satisfaction in the way colours and textures interact to the point where each painting or drawing seems to take on a life of its own. Now I’m pursuing that experience further by exploring variety and change.

The themes of these drawings and paintings range from the warm glow of house lights appearing as a winter dusk envelops nearby Tregeseal Valley to the exuberance of Lafrowda Day celebrations on a summer afternoon in St Just; in between these extremes the show takes in a gamut of seasonal cloud formations, field patterns and even a rainbow that took my breath away when I saw it on a visit to relatives in Dunbartonshire.

The show runs from April 3rd -13th at Morvah Schoolhouse Gallery in Cornwall (TR20 8YT). Then it moves to The Gallery on the Corner, Battersea ( SW8 4BU ) from June 7th – 11th.