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Count-down to Lafrowda benefit auction 2011

This year one of the curators at The Broadway Gallery spotted my work online and invited me to send them a piece. I chose the Viva Lafrowda painting to help fly the flag for our brilliant St Just festival and also because it’s very multi-cultural and chimes with the gallery’s policy in that way. The picture was an opportunity to show huge contrasts; the defiant and carefree Mexican approach to death coming face to face with Cornish cottages. A giant puppet reaches the rooftops and bright sunshine strikes its Sombrero while children crowd forward in its shadow. For me the image prompted the question I posed in the extended title I gave it for the show which was Viva Lafrowda! – Cultures Come Together, Can there be Unity in Diversity? It was in the exhibition in New York from May 5th – 22nd and for sale at $4000! Had it sold there a big chunk of that would have gone to Lafrowda.

Now it’s back you can bid for it at my studio, The Turn of The Tide on Fore Street in St Just, or online. Everyone who advances the bidding receives a free print of the picture.

There’s also a buy-now alternative if you absolutely must have and want to support the festival in the process!

The Viva Lafrowda painting is just the latest in a succession of pieces I’ve made about Lafrowda and six of them so far have been sold in benefit auctions for the festival.

Support this wonderful community event! Advance the bidding by clicking here to access the contact page. Bidding ends at 6 p.m. on Lafrowda Day 2011 which this year falls on Saturday 16th July. See you there! Tom : – )