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Festival picture news (April 2011)

The Latest news about the Viva Lafrowda painting inspired by last year’s festival in St Just is that it’s to be exhibited in New York in May!

Yes, it’s a case of Lafrowda goes to Broadway because it’s the Broadway Gallery that has invited me to send a piece for their May collection of art from around the world. It seemed to be that it will be a brilliant way to fly the flag for St Just, Penwith and Cornwall and in the process to hopefully push this year’s Lafrowda benefit art sale to new and dizzying heights. If the piece sells there then a big slice will go to Lafrowda festival funds.

Another piece of festival collection news is that The Ustinov Intercultural Centre at Durham University asked for examples to put in their Voices of the World Exhibition opening on April 21st.  I’m sending a collection of prints of various Lafrowda paintings including Viva Lafrowda together with an original based on last year’s midsummer bonfire at Chapel Carn Brea. You can see it at .