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On Lived-in Landscapes from Cornwall in Bath, Easter 2010

What was so good about his Bath showing of Lived-in Landscapes at The Chapel Row Gallery was that transplanting these images out of their usual Cornish context highlighted for Tom their underlying content; in other words that these paintings were  not just about living in Cornwall but about the broader issue of how people interact with landscape.

The Chapel Row Gallery was an excellent venue to bring out this aspect. It’s ambience was reminiscent of that ocean light that was the theme of Tom’s  previous show in Falmouth. As such it was sympathetic to the Cornishness of these new pictures while enabling them to “breathe” and so communicate something of the influence of that human presence that is their real theme.

Tom noted: ‘A big thank you to Gabrielle Hawkes who helped bring out this underlying theme in her introduction to the catalogue that you can read by clicking here. ‘