2005 paintings and drawings

Top left was the most recent within the year, lower right the least so. These images are not to scale. Click on any of them for an enlarged view and full information.​

Hill and bright cloud, Bartinney Downs (painting) Print of Edge of the downs, Boswens painting Print of Cottages above the sea, Bosorne painting Red Land Rover, Boscean (painting)
Painting of Stone circle, edge of Botallack common Print of Departure from Newlyn painting Print of Stream in sun and shade painting Image of all three panels of Lafrowda at the Plen 2005 painting Zawn 1 painting Mine buildings, Wheal Owles painting
Mine Adit, Geevor charcoal drawing  Print of Summer hillside, Cot Valley Print of Surface and depth painting Print of Sheds at Geevor charcoal drawing Print of Summer evening towards Lands End painting   Bed-rock, Kenidjack Valley
Print of Pit-head at Geevor charcoal drawing Spring hillside, Kenidjack Valley Print of Pines and houses above the sea painting Overall image of Spring landscape, Kelynack painting
Penwith Hills - all panels Road to St Ives at Zennor