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Dome of Human Kindness kit
Proceeds to be donated towards constructing Dor Kemmyn, Cornwall's multi-faith centre near Truro.


Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Model kit to enable you to make your own model of the Dome of Human Kindness. Each page is approx 22.5 x 31 cms.

For sale to raise funds for
the building of Dor Kemmyn, (Common Ground) an inter-faith centre for Cornwall.

£4.95 each plus £1.17 postage.


In quantity for schools - £2.95 each plus postage. Email me through the contact page for a quote and / or to pay a money request for your order via Paypal.

>>Visit the Facebook page for this project where you can like, comment and follow developments about it.

Page 4


Page 5


Page 6

Page 1 shows the reconstruction and has the beginning of the story that is continued on pages 2 - 5

Page 5 includes step-by-step instructions.

Page 6 explains the multi-faith project and includes a drawing of the Dor Kemmyn building that is planned.

on 100% recycled locally milled drawing cartridge


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