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Painting: Stream flowing to the sea, Cot 

Valley Seascape print from painting: Summer sea. Click here for a larger image of this piece. Seascape print from painting: Leaving harbour, Newlyn. Click her for a larger image of this piece. Painting: Winter Sun

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Picture link to a larger image of this painting

Picture link to a larger image of this painting

Picture link to a larger image of this painting

Picture link to a larger image of this painting

Picture link to a larger image of this painting

Picture link to a larger image of this painting




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Art from Cornwall in the form of landscape, seascape and urban themed paintings and drawings; such are the images to be found here and all original works shown are for sale, either at a gallery venue for which a website link and/or phone number is provided, or from my studio in Cornwall.

Picture of the moment: Click the image below to visit the individual image page where you can order prints of the painting in a variety of sizes and finishes.

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My aim is to celebrate how I experience the coastal landscape, colourful festivals and rich heritage that abound here in Cornwall.

For gallery owners and curators: click here to find out how discounted sale-or-return prices for individual works shown on this website are available for you. A link to your website or phone number on the relevant image page here will be provided and the price information will be removed from that page so that you have exclusive sale rights while the piece remains with you.

For insights into the way I approach my work as an artist and about related matters use the "blog" link on every page. I welcome your comments.

Please have a good look around and email me through the contact page if you have any enquiries.

The influence of the sea

Even when the sea is out of sight here in Cornwall you can sense its presence because the light that it reflects creates an ambience that is unique, an ocean light. IN THE OCEAN LIGHT was the title I gave to an exhibition of mine in Falmouth a couple of years ago and a virtual tour of that show is one of several that you can explore here. As you will observe from these images, a clear horizontal element within the composition is one aspect of the sea's appeal for me and sometimes I'll use a title that reflects this fact. In general I like to under-state as far as the sea is concerned, finding that its subtler moods lend themselves more readily to the process of translation into the values of a painting. Most of the OCEAN LIGHT collection has now been sold and as always with me archival quality prints of these pieces are now available. Thumbnail picture links in my Seascape prints index will take you to single image pages about particular examples.

There are of course seascape paintings still available in the original as well. Signed unmounted prints of these, each with a voucher to the same value, can be ordered by clicking the small Paypal buttons at the foot of each of these pages. Click here for a full explanation of how this scheme works.

I like to think that the ocean light I referred to above is present in even the inland landscapes I do near my studio, for example in those to be found by browsing the LIVED-IN LANDSCAPES virtual tour. Certainly this special light from the sea finds its way into the festival paintings I've done to celebrate the events of Lafrowda day in my home town of St Just. Click here for an index of these and other pictures about cultural aspects of this extraordinary maritime environment. The sea is truly all pervasive in my art!

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